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Why Your Business Should Get Active on Pinterest Right NOW!

Welcome Business Owner or Marketing Manager,

As a "late adopter", I wait sometimes for years to hear positive feedback from many different people before I leap into new Social Media platforms.

Only recently Google+ finally became mildly interesting because it now has implications for both Organic Search and Google Adwords campaigns.

Linked In is great for some industries but for most it's like walking into a morgue.

Facebook and Twitter remain the platforms most worth being enamoured with from a business point of view - as this infographic illustrates: Why Your Business Must Go Social.

pinterest management sydney training for business courses workshops social mediaHowever the recently-published results of two years of international research into Pinterest compelled me to dive head-first into this photographic Social Media website, and I've stumbled upon things in there - ways of using it in conjunction with Twitter, for example, that are keeping me enthralled.

My clients know me as a cautiously strategic yet aggressive/ambitious social media manager who likes to build up strong follower lists for them.

However those lists don't always turn a dollar straight away, for fast (and large) ROI I focus on SEO and have seen Social Media as a medium to long-term investment in the future of their business.

Pinterest, however, is showing clear evidence that it's much more instant.

It's the fastest-growing Social Media platform for direct referrals to retailers' websites.

It's also easy to use, which is why I'm seeing it as the laziest social media platform yet. Ease of use is what makes Twitter so appealing for twitterholics, however like Twitter, Pinterest is subject to the psychological inhibitions of its users, so while as a business owner you can most certainly set it up yourself, a more preferable strategy might be to fast-track your arrival on Pinterest by having a professional social media manager set it up for you, with management of your Pinterest profile as a further option should you prefer a more comprehensive 'social media solution'.

Here's an example of a client-relevant Pinterest set-up: - it's focussed on the types of courses this company offers, eg display boards created about aromatherapy, beauty therapy, kinesiology, reflexology, remedial massage and yoga, plus an assortment of personal lifestyle boards.

Pinterest training for business sydney managers courses workshops social mediaSPECIAL OFFER: Full Pinterest Set-Up including up to 12 boards with 9 images per board: $385.00


- The boards are set up in collaboration with you & based on your business, though there will be some allocated for personal lifestyle.

- Your Pinterest profile will be connected to Twitter and Facebook for easy syndication.

- You'll be set up to follow at least 20 relevant people.

- You'll be trained in how to do instant cross-platform promoting and how it benefits your business immediately.

- Access to the latest Pinterest infographics & articles to keep you motivated & moving forward.

- Insider techniques such as How To Pin From Facebook (which blocks pinning unless you know how).

- Optional ongoing Pinterest Management from as little as $40.00 per week.

Needing More Inspiration?

Check out these stunning twitter profiles:

And an inspiring article about Pinterest for retailers.

To get your business set up and kicking goals for you on Pinterest phone or email Stewart Dawes 0413 276 780 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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